9th of Evening Star, Midas

I don’t even know how to begin to describe last night. I am still shaking with the adrenaline!

I had a typical day. Kind Sera Brelas taught me further alchemy and tomorrow will test me for an alchemy certification. Hard to believe I will be legitimately qualified to do alchemy again after so many years. She asked if my name was difficult to write and when I nodded, she told me she would leave the area blank for me to fill in properly. She also tells me she will buy me a drink at the Argonian tavern tomorrow evening to show her thanks.

What followed once I left Sera Brelas, was anything but usual. Siting at the table where I always play, I was joined by Qau-dar. I had been doing my lute requests, humming along with people as they sing, but never outright singing. I was so pleased when Qau-dar made a request.

Then a drunk Nord burst into the tavern. She was the typical belligerent angry sort of drunk, the type looking for a fight. She came our way and hurtled insult after insult at us as Khajiit, the one downfall of being disguised as such. After bearing much of the abuse in utter silence, Qau-dar seemed to have had enough. I don’t know if it was the poor jokes of sandboxes or the threats about how nice a rug we might make, but somewhere in there Qau-dar leapt upon the woman. The moment he landed, others in the tavern joined. Not wanting to ruin my budi and wanting to add encouragement without risk of revealing myself, I played what I thought was a fitting tune to beat someone bloody to.

Once the woman was unconscious, the tavern-owner forced them to stop. Killing a Nord in a Nord town would probably ruin her business. Qau-dar and a few others dragged the woman out and left her someplace. Hopefully in the sewer where she belongs.

The result of the fight seems to be additional comradery from the regular patrons of the tavern. Many people now know of Qau-dar and I am pleased that it is so. I cannot wait to unveil my song for Qau-dar now! The one verse had been written initially from the fist fight that he got in back in the town with the Redoran spies, but it actually fits this fight so much better!

I cannot wait until this dye is gone from my skin. It has lightened considerably, but obviously I cannot suddenly return to being a Dunmer when I have been Khajiit all this time. As soon as we are on the road, however, I will change back. I do love the adornments and paints that Qau-dar dresses me with, but it will be nice to be wearing a bit less again. I will head to the tailor’s in the morning to see if he is finished with my new tunic. Not quite as good as the last one, but it is at least in the proper color and weight of fabric.


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