4th of Evening Star, Fredas

We reached the town late last night. I have never been so glad to find an inn in all my life. I had used every magicka potion I had, and a couple of healing potions as well, just to help keep Qau-dar warm.

When we asked for a room, the innkeeper at first told us there were none to be had. When we flashed some coin, he changed his story to having one left, of course. The price he offered was at least three times what it should have been, but we had no choice but to pay. Had I been less tired perhaps I could have tried to help start a negotiation, but as it was it was pay or kill the man. I went with the former.

Our room was little more than a servant’s bedroom, off of the back kitchen and with no door. There was a draft, but we could keep warm enough in the small space. I suppose that is the advantage of having two in a bed made for one.

Although I am feeling better this morning, I am still pretty tired. I will offer to work at the inn in some capacity so that I may go back to bed when I tire. Tomorrow I will head for an alchemist. Or see if there is some sort of temple about. I would even pray to the tribunal again if that’s where I have to go.


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