27th of Sun’s Dusk, Fredas

Ashen grey skin,
Amber fur,
Soft paws on bare shoulders,
Fingers tangled in thick fur.

Outside the storm,
Blistering winds cold and sharp,
Howling loud enough to deafen,
Not enough to drown out,
Soft gasps,
Tender words,
A low moan.

The cold snow would melt,
To feel the heat of such touches,
The flakes would shy away,
From the passion shared.

Hopes raised,
Desires fulfilled,
A sharing of two minds,
As two bodies meet,
For the first time,
But not the last.

Yearning urges,
Come to fruition,
Never quite imagined,
Now all made whole.

As I hear my name,
Fall tenderly from those lips,
The same as always,
Yet never spoken as such,
I am transported,
I am lost to time and place.

My back arched,
Voice raised,
I open my eyes,
And awake from the dream.


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