25th of Sun’s Dusk, Middas

It is still snowing. It has become lighter, however, and the winds seem to have calmed somewhat in the night. I don’t trust that the storm is not still coming. There is still far too little visibility and the sky has not changed its color.

I have noted there is a cave listed here on the map and I think it’s our best bet for passing out the storm. I am hoping we can get a good start out this morning and reach it by mid afternoon.

But we must be cautious. I worry that it is a likely spot to run into bears. I will strap my blades to my side before we head out. But I must be prepared for a fight. One bear is battle enough, but if it is a family…. No, I shall not dwell on that grim outcome. We are both clever and quick. I have several magicka potions on my belt as well and I will be prepared to cast flame cloak on us both at the first sign of trouble.


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