15th of Sun’s Dusk, Sundas

I woke up full of energy today. Honestly I felt better than I have in a long while. Maybe I was just that ill. At any rate, I was a bit over zealous when making the fire this morning and I had to make a second fire because the first spell was too hot burned the wood far too quickly.

But even with having to gather more wood for the fire, my mood was great. I found myself singing as I was getting breakfast together for Qau-dar. It’s been a long time since I felt so good.

The town looks small with few guards, so I don’t think we have to worry about being kept out. Although we will no doubt get stares from the locals. So long as we can trade for supplies, however, I will be pleased enough.

I’ve been working on my song for Qau-dar. I had already created the verse about him vanquishing the terror of a Nordic inn with his claws. But now I have added his saving a poisoned elf bard to the tale. Now just to make a final verse. Maybe about helping imperial royalty? Rescuing children from bears? I must think more.


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