11th of Sun’s Dusk, Middas

So I tried the mountain flower potion. I felt instantly much much better. It seemed the effects of the poison were relieved and so too the burns. But my relief did not last long, for only a couple of hours later I was starting the sharp pain in my side and even now I can feel that the cough will soon return. My only thought is that I made some kind of healing or health fortifying potion. When next we stop, I shall make another of these potions, but then I will be out of wheat.

I may not have found a cure yet, but at least I can continue to prolong my life. But we do need to find an alchemist soon. When we do, I’m finding out what you need to make cure poison potions. Since this is my fifth poisoning since in the last ten years, I feel like it would be wise to do so. Sure, two of those were while I still lived in Mournhold, and poisoning is just a part of life, but I don’t want to take any more chances. Being on the road makes this so much more annoying to deal with.

I noticed Qau-dar isn’t staying as close as he used to. Maybe I should not have told him it was a cold. He seems more worried about illness than anything else. And I am sure he has noticed our slowing pace. At least now that I had this health potion I should be able to regain some speed on the road and the symptoms will be less severe.

I wish I still had my map. That bastard Zirik really did fuck me over in every way he possibly could. I just have to hope that there is a town or a trader somewhere at the base of this mountain. At least this experience has gotten me to stop being so careless about things. And the weight loss has gotten rid of that beer gut I was starting to get from lounging at all the inns. Like they say, a burnt field yields stronger crops


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