10th of Sun’s Dusk, Tirdas

Managed to find some bleeding crown, blue mountain flower, and juniper berries. I tried two potions, one with the mushroom and juniper and one with the blue mountain flower and some wheat flour.

I am pretty proud that I remembered that these two successful combined. But I fear that they were not the cure I sought.

I tried the juniper potion first. I felt something working, but could not tell what. That is, until I tried using my magic later and it started to burn me. My own magic, burning me?! Clearly I made some sort of sensitivity to magic or fire potion. I only put this embarrassment down in my journal in case there is need of such a potion later I have the ingredients listed here. The effects of the potion have now worn off, but I am weary to try the next without giving myself a little recovery time.

When we stop next I shall try the other potion. Please let my vague memories work in my favor next time. Azura, if this next one helps at all, I will believe in your power.


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