4th of Sun’s Dusk, Middas

It is such a relief to be back with Qau-dar. We cannot get out of this shit-hole of a town soon enough.

Zirik, that son of a drauger, set all of the mine workers to bring me back to him. Something told me not to get a drink before I left, but I didn’t listen. So maybe I was got drugged and carried back to the mine. Not my brightest moment.

Apparently Zirik told them I stole the iron he was going to use to pay their month’s wages with. Of course they were only too happy to help him. Luckily, he asked for me back unharmed, so a split lip was my only injury.

Woke up naked. They hid my clothes thinking it would keep me from escaping. Clearly they don’t know who I am, because this was hardly the first time I’ve had to run naked from people before. A bit chilly, of course, but the brisk air is good for shaking off spending three days at the whim of an asshole like that.

But damn, I am really pissed about losing that tunic. It took me a long time to find one I liked so much. At least I stole a nice fur coat on my way out. Knowing how much it is worth helps me feel I paid the favor back a little bit.

And now I am back to the road. It was such a relief to get to the rendezvous point and have Qau-dar still there. I was half convinced he would have left after I didn’t show up.

At least Azura aligned a couple of stars for me. Or perhaps this time it was Boethiah’s doing. Next shrine I come upon for any of the gods, I will leave an offering.

I should do something special to repay Qau-dar. At any rate, I think it is time. I will tell him everything. He has earned that much at the least.


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