29th of Frostfall, Fredas

That skeever scat son of a horker, Zirik, was in our room at the inn when I returned from bathing. I suppose it was my mistake for coming back to the inn before heading to the city jail.

As expected, he announced cheerfully that he was blackmailing me.

When I told him I was leaving town and had nothing else to give him, he said he had spoken with two Nords who had been looking for a Dunmer criminal and his accomplice. He made no mention of a Khajiit, however, so I assume he made it up to get me to obey. I played along and agreed that after seeing to my companion, I would come to stay with him at his home by the mine.

I have no doubt that he will be watching carefully each of my actions. I am writing a letter to hand to Qau-dar when I bail him out. The switch has to happen there at the jail.

I don’t know how well or not this is going to go. If this is my last entry, then I hope whoever reads this will imagine I went down in a dramatic last blaze of glory. I hope to write again tomorrow.


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