24th of Frostfall, Loredas

Men are following us? I don’t know what to think. I hadn’t expected that Sera Lyda would have men in her employ, but I cannot think of who else would be following us. Qau-dar says that they stay out of the full range of his senses, which means they have done this before. I do not like the feeling I get from such things.

Luckily, Qau-dar has come up with a plan to lose the men once we are in town. I am eager to arrive tomorrow and for the chance to shake them. But first I have to settle the whole mine business, just to be sure. Even if I lose them after, I still want a trail to be followable. Particularly should it not be the one I am on.

Qau-dar was disturbed by my mentioning of the practices of the Namira worshippers and my association with one. I need to stop telling him of my past. Nabine is long gone. There is no use dwelling on what could have been. She chose the cult over me. It was good that I did not follow her into that life. It was the right choice. It’s been almost four years, I need to let her go. What type of family would we even have raised in a place like that? No, I took the right path. I must be sure of this. I am.


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