21st of Frostfall, Middas

I am unnerved that Qau-dar says we are being followed. I don’t wonder if it is connected to the Redorans. It would not be difficult for the Lyda to send someone to follow us and make sure that I have done as I said I would. I am taking the path I told her I would, for now. I am hoping to corroborate my own story to her so that, at least for a little while, I can keep the Redoran spies from thinking of me as someone to look into.

I found it so comforting to hear about Khajiit and their jewelry instead. Qau-dar flattered me again. Does he know that’s what he is doing? I am never sure with him. But he implied he would get my earrings of precious stones if I were to journey with him to Elsweyr. Even when court nobles flirted with me, they rarely promised me gems. Could Qau-dar be coming onto me? Or is this just a show of friendship. Of course, I am happy with both. I do not know how Khajiit initiate these sorts of things and my attempts to ask so far have been less than successful. I should find some of the merchants that have regular dealings with the Khajiit trading caravans to see if they can give me any further insight.

Damn! I’ve been so worked up thinking about Qau-dar’s intentions or lack there of, I forgot the big snag in my plan. I need to find someone at the silver mine to pretend to be my cousin. If I cannot, I will need to make a big show and send a letter to a fake Bryndt cousin. The letter would no doubt be intercepted, but it would also need to be going to a legitimate person. I need to remember the name of the man who kept trying to work as my father’s scribe. He had a son who would be the perfect “cousin” should the need arise.

Until then, I shall think of the bejeweled earrings I will likely never see.


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