17th of Frostfall, Loredas

Qau-dar told me the inn keeper spent much time talking with Dunmer. He was not exaggerating. At first I thought maybe she was involved in the slave trade, for it is not uncommon for our slavers to recruit non-Dunmer in other parts to help them find vulnerable populations. This was not the case, but the truth was not that much more pleasant.

It seems she is involved with the Redoran family’s spy network. It seems like she is some sort of informant and that she provides information as well as supplies and lodging in exchange for money. She did not tell me any of this outright, but I know enough of the Redorans to know that is what is going on.

She wanted to recruit me to help with information gathering and I played the interested wanderer, making up some plausible sounding story of why I left, seeking vast fortunes. When she asked of my family, I said I was from the famous Bryndt family and asked why she did not know our name. The truth is that family is a notorious group of bootlicking low-lives who spend their efforts of get rich quick schemes that never turn around, or on trying to worm their way into power by working for another powerful family. It will take her some time before she finds that out, but it will tell her enough of my character for her to be convinced that she should engage me only for the information I may bring, not to join and go on any tasks.

Even with this however, I told her I was traveling east to a cousin’s mine, where I was told I could get rich off silver in a week. She feigned interest. This is good. Having her as even a slight ally means I can return here again, though I do not wish to do so unless I am in desperate need. It is too dangerous to spend time around the Redoran spies. They will catch on if we stay too long.

I need to tell Qau-dar to finish his business as soon as possible so we can leave in what seems a natural course of time. I hope to leave in the next day or two at most. I would rather take my chances with the wolves than risk longer than need be here.


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