16th of Frostfall, Fredas

Getting back to a city felt good. There are less dangers than in the open wild. But I cannot let my guard down, for spies could be anywhere.

We went to an inn so that we could get a warm bed and food and so, I thought, I could offer services to pay for it. But instead I had a great surprise! My friend, who these Nords seem to despise on principle alone, was challenged to a fist fight. I was surprised that Qau-dar accepted until I saw the fight. It was a joy to watch the lithe Khajiit throughly beat the Nord until he was bloody and fell down. I am thinking of writing a song to commemorate the occasion and present it to Qau-dar as a gift. I wonder how he might take it.

Our luck continued to be good as the owner of the inn offered us lodging for shutting the man up. Apparently he was a regular nuisance and always boasted of his fighting skills. She was happy to see him humiliated in front of the other locals to humble him for a little while.

Qau-dar says the inn keeper looks interested in me and if that’s not a sign, I’m not sure what is. I shall talk to her and find out if there’s not a connection here I can make. Inns are a great resource if one can tap it properly.

We did have another unfriendly Nord to watch out for though. He stared for a while at us and refused a drink when I had one sent to him to see if he could be placated. He called me a Khajiit-lover, as if that is an insult. But even when we moved across the bar, his eyes stayed on us, promising danger. I hope it is an empty threat, but I will sleep lightly incase he tries something. Likely my companion’s keener senses will keep us safe though.


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