15th of Frostfall, Turdas

At last we are only a day’s journey from the city. Finally we can replenish our salt supplies. I am also hoping to procure more traveling rations and see if there are any sell-swords around. This is a rather small town, but perhaps Qau-dar will bring us more luck.

It’s been two weeks since we began to travel together and I have grown rather fond of the fellow. He is clearly well educated, but I think he did not travel outside of his kingdom before now. Everything here seems strange and new to him. It’s rather humbling to see him learning things I had before taken for granted. And trying to explain the customs of elves and men has really shown me that much I thought universal between all cultures is really not. Life in Elsweyr seems much more harmonious than other places in Tamriel. Things seem less corrupted by greed and lust for power.

Qau-dar has been telling me that I must have skooma in my head. I think I would take insult had such words come from anyone else. But the way he says it, it seems like companionable teasing. Who knows, maybe he really thinks I am crazy. But, I suppose he’s not entirely wrong either.

It seems that the rumors that Khajiit don’t like to get their paws wet were not entirely wrong. It seems that Qau-dar detests being wet. I told him of the pleasures of hot baths and springs, but he seemed to think that they would be awful and said massage was the way his people relax their muscles. Maybe one day I can convince him to work my muscles with his paws. I shall keep up hope.


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