14th of Frostfall , Middas

I was able to procure not only meat and bread, but some apples and cheese as well. Sadly, Sera Davina had no salt, which is am sorely in need of. Qau-dar complained about the flavor of the goat, and I can’t say I blamed him. Without salt, the roast was not very good. I think tomorrow I will make a stew using the last of the carrots and some apples. Anything that might help give it flavor.

And I have had to divert our course towards town again. On my way back to camp I spied a group of Dunmer slavers on their way to collect some Nord prisoners to bring back to Morrowind. I recognized one of the men as a lackey of one of the men I know from court. He would not doubt recognize me and I cannot risk our paths meeting.

In more humorous news, Qau-dar did indeed smell Sera Davina upon me and asked me to bathe in the river to rid myself of her scent before I came to the tent. I take this also as a positive sign. I do not know if it is true, but I have heard a rumor that once one has bonded with a Khajiit, they use scent to mark you as their own. Not in an ownership sort of way, just as a this one is one of mine way. He stood watch as I got clean and then we headed to bed together.

It was nice sleeping at the same time for once, although I am not sure if it is safer. The one bright side to it is that we will be able to travel further tomorrow. There is another town just a couple of days walk in another direction and I believe with our increased walking time we will make it in the two days.


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