12th of Frostfall, Morndas

Again we had little time to talk yesterday, but we have nearly made it past the mountains to a valley where I can get us some supplies. I will be glad to be off of the windy peaks. Although it is not harsh during the day, the nights are frigid. I have had to use my magic, carefully, a few times to stay warm.

I don’t wonder if something has changed between my comrade and I. When I teased him about sleeping with me more often, he readily offered to stay with me until I fell asleep to keep me warm. I accepted the offer, of course, curious to see if he would really join me.

True to his word, Qau-dar curled up on the outside of my blanket and stayed with me until I had gone to sleep. For I have no memory of him leaving, but he was outside when I awoke this morning.

He was unhappy today though because of the thunderstorm passing through. I don’t mind the storms when I am not in the forest and a tree could come down upon me in the night. But there is little to be done when caught on the mountain as we were. So I gave him some Cyrodilic brandy to warm him and relax his worries.

I fear I needed it more however, for he told me he saw bears last night. This is a dangerous time of year where bears are concerned. They are feeding for hibernation and can be quite fierce if startled. I am glad there was no incident. But I felt better as Qau-dar made a joke. I would not have guessed him to be the sort.

And the mystery of why the food is sweet was solved. Moon sugar, it turns out. I had thought the stuff was supposed to be addictive, but Khajiit seem unaffected and I feel no ill effects thus far. I am more surprised that he would share what it turns out to be an important religious item with me.

We talked of many things today, for which I was very glad. He was more talkative and I think perhaps he has accepted me as a friend. I flirted mercilessly with him, though he seemed not to understand. Yet it felt at many times as though he was flattering or flirting with me. But perhaps it is just wishful thinking on my part.

Qau-dar continues to surprise me. I feel as though I should give something back to him. Perhaps I will use some magic to dry his fur next time it rains.


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