9th of Frostfall, Fredas

The weather today was bitterly cold and we did not move the camp. Our road ahead was all  frozen mud going down the slope, so we will wait until tomorrow. Since we did not travel, Qau-dar slept longer than usual. Or perhaps it was the cold.

I took the opportunity to hunt a pheasant I’d seen about and I managed to cook it with some juniper I found growing nearby and some Balmora Blue. I was pleased at the flavor it managed to take on. I had a moment of nostalgia of my mother’s dinner parties.

But I detest dwelling on the past. My parents were good people, for what they were. But when I think of it, my reason for leaving was in part because of them. Because they wanted me to be a part of that terrible world and would marry me off to our enemy for a chance of getting me to conform.

My anger is affecting the fire again. I really need to leave such thoughts behind. I will leave the pheasant and potatoes for Qau-dar to wake up to. I feel exhausted by dwelling on the past and will retire now. I prefer the soft fur of my companion to my bitter memories.


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