8th of Frostfall, Turdas

spoke of dancing today. I had hoped he might show me a dance of his
people. Sadly, I not only was ignorant of what could count for dancing, I
am unable to dance as he does. It seems that dancing is largely done
with the tail, so alas, I am unable to join him.

I am more embarrassed that I would assume what would count for
dancing. It truly shows my ignorance. I like to think I am so different
from the others of my kind, but it was they who raised me. Their lack of
understanding has become mine and I hope that Qau-dar can continue to
be patient with me as he teaches me the ways of his kin.

It seems like there is always something new to learn. Being away from
Morrowind has opened my eyes to so much. Yet even after five years out
here (can it truly have been so long since I ran from Lord Telvanni’s
manor with little more than a few purses of coin and a dagger?) there is
so much more I have yet to discover. I just pray I can keep Urtisa’s
men from catching me. Azura, I know I have not prayed to you in a long while,
but if you would keep me safe, I will start making offerings at the
temple again.


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