5th of Frostfall, Morndas

I am growing used to have companionship. It helps that we also have much time to our own, so I am able to slowly get used to his presence and his ways. We have fallen into the habit of cooking the meal for when the other one is going to wake up. It seems a fair trade off and we eat left overs or dried goods when we break during our walk.

I am pleased to have some decently cooked meals again. I really need to find what spices are used and see if I can’t start getting them stocked in my usually suppliers’ shops.

And I know I should not complain when someone is making food for me, but I am beginning to wonder if Qau-dar knows how to make things without sugar. It was a welcomed change at first, but it has been half a week now and everything is so sweet. I will give it some more time before I say anything. I don’t want to be rude, after all. He is saving me the trouble of having to prepare so much and that is a big help.

I also think that he is homesick. He mentioned his home and how missed the warmth. It must be difficult to go between such vastly different climates. He asked me to tell a story of my people and I talked of how we became the Dunmer and a little of the Battle of Red Mountain.

I can’t stop thinking about how his response was to tell me that he thought I would look strange without my dark skin and red eyes. But perhaps it is just because Khajiit prize rubies and he has been calling me ruby eyes.

Still, I wonder about his insightful nature. It seems at times to come out of the blue. The longer we travel together, the more intriguing he becomes.


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